Bagpiping Fees

Understanding What Affects the Fee

The cost of hiring a bagpiper depends on many factors including length of performance, travel distance and time, special tune requests, etc. Additional factors include the bagpiper's years of experience and the availability of bagpipers in the area. 

If it's your first time hiring a piper - it's somewhat natural to associate the quoted cost directly to the time spent performing. Due to this - a price quote can sometimes result in some sticker shock; but it's important to understand the full context in terms of preparation, travel time, and the actual performance.

Even if the musical performance itself only lasts 15 minutes, the bagpiper is still investing time "behind the scenes" starting with the phone or email consultation and including bagpipe maintenance, dressing in uniform, traveling to and from the venue, any pre-event rehearsals, learning or practicing any requested, non-repertoire tunes, etc. (not to mention the financial investment to maintain the $10,000 (+) instrument and uniform). So what on the surface might appear as a 15 minute engagement could in reality add up to many hours in total.

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