" BagPiper Bill "

" BagPiper Bill "

" BagPiper Bill " " BagPiper Bill " " BagPiper Bill "

He will make your event Special with his Amazing Grace !

   Planning Your Event with a Bagpiper  -  -  Any special occasion, whether private, corporate or public, is enhanced by the presence of an expert piper in full regalia. Bagpiper Bill's music stirs emotions at weddings, funerals, and life celebrations.  He knows how overwhelming planning an event can be and his promise to you is to make his role as easy as possible.  Before you agree to hire him, he can play bagpiping tunes over the phone or Skype for your selection choices.  About a week out, he can touch base and re-confirm the event details.  

Bill will help make your event successful and something beautifully memorable to look back upon.

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" Bagpiper Bill "

811 Southwest 6th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97204, United States