The Story of Bagpiper Bill and his Bagpipes


As a wee lad, I started playing bagpipes when I was 7 years old on the Isle of Skye near Dunvegan Castle in Scotland.

I received my advance piping instruction from the "Great Ones!" - Donald Shay Ramsey & John D. Burgess/Willie Ross - Revolutionary bagpipe musicians of their time that brought "Rock & Roll" music into piping in the early and mid-20th Century. 

I was born into a Scottish Family of musicians and my piping career really catapulted at the age of 13 in San Francisco, California under my piping instructor, J. William Merriman, of the Prince Charles Pipe Band. 

In America, I was extremely lucky and honored to be taught by a World Champion Piper - Ian Whitelaw - a pure traditionalist and a lover of wolves and kindred spirits.  He regularly emphasized the necessity to continually hone one's technical skills in order to evoke the true elegance of the highland instrument. 

During my college years, I competed professionally in what is now called - "Open."  And in 1983, I performed for the Queen of England at a state visit in Seattle, Washington at the Westin Hotel.  Over the next several years, I piped for a candidate running for President of the United States; let alone many other domestic and foreign dignitaries and celebrities. 

Over the years I've been honored to perform and compete as a corp piper with several premier Grade-1 Pipe Bands at the World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.  I've won many international solo piping competitions and was a member of pipe bands that won several major pipe band competitions. But what I really love is winning the hearts of my audiences.


I play genuine Silver and Ivory “Henderson Bagpipes” made in 1912. 

With over 40 years of bagpiping experience, I guarantee a beautiful sounding instrument and the very best of the best musicianship on the planet. 


Bagpiper Bill

(Máel Coluim MacMhurchaidh)